Did you know, according to National Funeral Director’s Association, the average cost of a funeral is now $7,640? This is a 6.4% percent increase from the 2014 average cost of a funeral. If a vault is included, which is typically required by cemeteries, the average cost rises to $9,135. The cost does not take into account cemetery, monument or marker costs, or miscellaneous cash-advance items, such as flowers and obituaries. The cost of a funeral can vary by region; cost can also vary based on a funeral home’s location and the size of the business.

National Average Cost of an Adult Funeral: 2019 vs 2014
Percent Change in Funeral Costs over the Past Five Years
Item 2019 2014 % Change from 2019 to 2014
Non-declinable basic services fee $2,195 $2,000
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral homes $350 $310
Embalming $750 $695
Other preparation of the body $255 $250
Use of facilities/staff for viewing $425 $420
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony $500 $495
Hearse $340 $318
Service car/van $150 $143
Basic memorial printed package $175 $155
Subtotal without casket $5,140 $4,786
Metal casket (average charge for the most frequently purchased item) $2,500 $2,395
Vault (average charge for the most frequently purchased item) $1,495 $1,327
Total with vault $9,135 $8,508