Do-Not Call Policy

Kansas City Life Insurance Company
Old American Insurance Company
Sunset Life Insurance Company of America
Sunset Financial Services, Inc.

This is the do-not-call policy of all the companies which are members of the Kansas City Life group of companies. Our names are listed above.

We and our agents use telephones as a valuable way to communicate with our customers and prospective customers. Occasionally we or our agents will make a solicitation call by telephone. A solicitation call is any call that is made to solicit the sale of an insurance or securities product that we provide.

We will not make a solicitation call to any person who has told us that they do not want to receive such calls. We will make this information easily available to our agents.

We will not make a solicitation call to any person whose number is on a state or federal do-not-call list. We will make such lists easily available to our agents.

If you want your telephone number to be added to our internal do-not-call list, send us a written request at 3520 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64111 or contact us online. Your request must contain your entire 10-digit phone number. We will keep this phone number on our internal do-not-call list for the period that is required by law.